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What You Need to Know

Delivery & Installation

What Access Will You Require to Our Property or Premises?

Buildings over 6ft wide are constructed in large panels. We require adequate access to the site as large panels cannot be manoeuvred through a doorway, arched gate or over garden walls/fences.

What Preparation Will I Need to Do at My Property or Premises?

Buildings require a solid, level base which needs to be in place and ready BEFORE delivery.  Flagstones, paving slabs,  concrete,  railway sleepers or gravel all make an ideal base.

Do make sure the prepared base is the correct size for the building you have purchased!

What Other Considerations Will I Need to Make?

Always make allowances for any roof overhang when buildings have to go in confined spaces.

Product Aftercare

How Often Should I Treat Natural Wood?

Remember, wood is a natural product which requires maintenance to prevent warping and shrinking during changing temperatures and weather conditions.  To maintain the quality and appearance of you building, it is recommended that you treat your building, at least once a year, with a recognised external wood preservative.

Sheds Ahead can supply wood preservatives in the original colour of your building.

What About Any Other Materials on My Product?

Ironmongery should be oiled regularly to maintain condition.